Not far from Puerto Escondido there is a variety of beautiful and interesting places to visit. These places will complement your sight seeing tour to this area where ecology and conservation of the environment are found. Also, Puerto Escondido is surrounded by a number of typical native towns that have interesting temples, churches and incredible ancient structures that are worth visiting; places such as San Pedro Tututepec and San Pedro Mixtepec, or the religiously important Juquila which attracts pilgrimages from many parts of Latin America.


An hour and a half from Puerto Escondido, in the direction towards the city of Oaxaca , along Route 131, you will find the town of Juquila . It is a special and sacred place for the people of Oaxaca , where the Virgin of Juquila once appeared. The main festival of the year, honoring the Virgin of Juquila, takes place on December 8 th , when large numbers of pilgrims come from all over Mexico to pay homage. Another important place, 7 kilometers from Juquila, is the Pedimento (shrine) where there is a cross. The pilgrims come here and pray for what they desire. Besides the religious importance, there are also many festivities. At the dances, the bands play fandangos, chilenas, and regional music. At the fiestas you will find regional sweets, enchiladas, hot chocolate along with a special egg bread, mole, and natural fruit drinks. The sale of religious articles is one of the main activities in this region. The artisans carve wood figures, and make articles out of reed and gourds. They also weave objects and figures out of palm leaves.


In September 2015, Mazunte obtained the recognition of Pueblo Mágico. Is a perfect place to totally unplug and properly chill out

The town is surrounded by beautiful beaches where you can practice diving and snorkeling, in addition, it is home to outstanding cultural, musical, artistic and gastronomic festivals where national and international artists meet. It is also famous for the Jazz Festival that takes place at the end of November.

Punta Cometa is probably Mazunte’s most famous landmark. This mini peninsula extends out into the Pacific Ocean and is the southernmost point of Oaxaca State. It provides unrivaled and uninterrupted views of the surrounding scenery.


It is an open sea beach, with golden sands that extend for an area of ​​approximately 2 kilometers. Zipolite beach in Nahuatl language means beach of the dead because of dangerous ocean currents. This is a nudist beach, quite crowded, mainly by foreign tourists who like to practice water sports in the open sea such as surfing and boogie surfing.


In Puerto Angel you will find hotels, inns, and other types of lodging. There are trailer parks for recreational vehicles. You will find restaurants on and or near the beach that serve national and international dishes, and, of course, delicious seafood (fish, lobster, and shrimp). There are tours to the main beaches in the area, or if you prefer, there is also sports fishing available. Muelle Beach ( Pier Beach ) is the main beach in the area and is the beach preferred by most tourists. It is called Pier Beach ( La Playa de Muelle) because of the large pier there that used to service the large commercial ships that used to dock in the port of Puerto Angel . The nearby Panteon Beach has golden, medium grain sand, with a gentle slope. The water is warm and clear with shades of green and blue color. The waves are gentle; an ideal place for swimming, diving and snorkeling. There are boats available for hire, as well as snorkeling equipment. Estacahuite Beach is ideal for swimming and diving. Just off this beach you will find a coral reef which is a fantastic place for underwater photography. Other interesting beaches in the area are Boquilla and Mina.


The Bahías de Huatulco tourist complex is made up of 9 bays with 36 beautiful beaches of white and fine sand, ideal for sports such as snorkeling and diving through the coral reefs it offers, as well as a first-rate hotel infrastructure and natural attractions that make them one of the most important destinations in Mexico.