Puerto Escondido, a place blessed with warm waters and a tropical climate, is located on the exotic Pacific Coast of Mexico. It is the natural beauty of this tropical beach resort, perhaps, that is the main attraction that draws so many tourists, both national and foreign. This is an ideal place to escape the routine of daily life. The desire to be in close touch with nature will be fulfilled here. Puerto Escondido is known worldwide for its imposing and well formed waves, which are ideal for practicing the sport of surfing. Besides the attraction of the ocean, there are enchanting lagoons and captivating waterfalls surrounded by tropical vegetation and heavenly views, full of magic and life.

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This beach is long, divided in three sections, among rocks that, with the presence of palm trees, and thorny bushes bordering it, create a very pleasant natural environment.


The crystalline, greenish-blue water is warm and shallow. The are large rocks in the bay, making waves gentle and low and an ideal spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Puerto Angelito

This beach is like a natural pool. It is an extraordinary spot for swimming, diving, scuba diving and snorkeling. Its inviting peacefulness makes Puerto Angelito very popular during weekends and holidays.


Manzanillo Beach is an excellent spot for scuba diving and snorkeling, just as it is in Puerto Angelito and Carrizalillo.


The Playa Principal Beach (The Main Beach) receives its name because it is on the far side of the Main Bay in Puerto Escondido.


Water and sand are similar to Playa Principal ( Main Beach ). It is an ideal spot for surfing, especially for beginners.


Best Puerto Escondido beach for nightclubs, restaurants, walking, surfing and the “scene”. Playa Zicatelas is home to the epic Mexican Pipeline, an unforgiving wave break that draws surfing aficionados from around the world.