In Puerto Escondido, the most important fiestas take place in November. The festivities begin with the election of “Señorita Puerto Escondido” (Miss Puerto Escondido), who will preside over all the activities. After the election, a verbena (evening festival) is given in the Andador Perez Gasga (the tourist walkway that is blocked off to vehicle traffic).

During these festivities in Puerto Escondido there takes place The International Surfing Tournament, the Sailfish Sports Fishing Competition, along with various gastronomic, cultural and sports events.

Another important event is the Festival Costeño de la Danza (the Coastal Dance Festival). In this event, several folkloric dance groups perform their typical regional dances. This event has converted into a tradition where the communities themselves claim their right to participate. This is a time for each entity to reflect about their dances, music, masks and musical instruments, and carry out research on these subjects.

Some of the dances that they perform are: the Danza de la Tortuga (The Turtle Dance), Los Diablos (Dance of the Devils), Los Tejorones, El Berelele and the Toro de Petate (The Bull Dance), among others. These are just some of the examples performed by around 450 dancers representing the native populations such as Mixtecs, Chatinos, and Afro-Mexican.

As mentioned above, you can enjoy gastronomic and cultural events. Some of the sports events there are: basketball, motocross, sport fishing, soccer, court volley ball, beach volley ball, donkey polo, and tennis.

Come and see for yourself how much fun Puerto Escondido can be! Come and enjoy the above activities and much, much more!

Not far from Puerto Escondido, you find many small typical native costal villages such as Chila, Santiago Jamiltepec, and Mixtepec, among others. You will find in these costal native villages a lot of tradition and culture that comes alive in their festivities and fiestas which are celebrated throughout the year.


Over the course of three days in December, Oaxacans honor their patron saint with fireworks, cultural programming, and a procession of decorated fishing boats.

The festivities in honor of the "Virgen de la Soledad" is a very important event in the Puerto Escondido calendar, because the patron saint is celebrated not only of the state of Oaxaca, but of the fishermen of Puerto Escondido.

A highlight of the festival is the procession in the boats of the fishermen and tourist service providers, one carrying the virgin, others with bands, and almost 100 more taking people who have come to the Main Beach for the occasion.

The celebrations begin on December 16 with a calenda, then a cultural program with pirtotechnical games and a castle on the 17th. The party ends on the 18th with the procession at sea, in which the flotilla of boats leave for La Punta and when they return the festival is celebrated. Mass on the beach.