Approximately 38 km from Puerto Escondido there is one of the rivers that form a series of natural runoffs that are born in Sierra coastal, which precipitate at a point in its cause by a cliff of approximately 60 meters high, forming a beautiful fall of water known as the Reformation, because it is in the vicinity of a town that is called the same way.
The small community of Reforms supports this waterfall by clearing hiking trails, managing a few solar-paneled cabins (for rent) and handling the few tourists who wander this far off the grid to see backcountry Mexico.

The landscape is complemented by an impressive rock wall, as well as a series of pools that are formed by the passage of water.

The journey to the waterfall is very pleasant, as the waters of the river pass by the side of the road, gently colliding with the rocks that abound in the channel. In addition, nature in these green places preserves its exuberance and charm.

This waterfall is 38km northeast of Puerto Escondido and it takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes driving.

There are two ways of getting to Cascada De La Reforma and they are:

1. With a tour company

You can book a tour to visit which can be booked through your accommodation in Puerto Escondido or from one of the tourist offices around town. The tour costs around 800 MXN per person.

2. Rent a motorcycle or scooter

The cheaper way to visit, and the way I did it, is to rent a scooter in Puerto Escondido for 400 MXN per day and make your own way out to these epic falls.

Until recently the walk was only for the most daring. Now there is a vehicular passage very close to the place, of course it depends on the whims of the rain and the depth of the river, which is bordering and you have to cross five or six times. For this reason we will always recommend hiring the services of an expert guide or agency.