The Church of the Santísima Trinidad

Its historical antecedents go back to the time of the foundation of the Villa de Antequera, which Alonso Bravo García laid out in 1529.

The local Mixtecs and Zapotecs constituted the manpower for the construction of the new city. They founded the adjacent barrio of the Santísima Trinidad where many of them spent their spare time performing agricultural activities.

For this reason the barrio is known as Trinidad de las Huertas (market gardens). The first chapel was built at the end of the sixteenth century. Later reconstructions have given us the present Church of the Santísima Trinidad.

The interior is in the shape of a Latin cross and in the presbytery there is a neoclassical altarpiece with two pairs of Corinthian columns.

The Church of the Santísima Trinidad

Trinidad de las Huertas Cuauhtémoc No. 104 Barrio de la Trinidad de las Huertas 68000 Oaxaca, Oax.Tel.(951) 51 67277

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