The Church of San Juan de Dios

When the Villa of Antequera (now Ciudad Oaxaca de Juarez) was declared Diocesan Headquarters, the chapel was reconstructed with bricks and tiles to fulfill its new function, while a new building was being erected. The church is considered the first cathedral of Oaxaca.

It was headed by Bishop Juan López de Zárate who arrived in Oaxaca in 1535. It was declared a historical monument on 9 January 1934. In the interior there are some fascinating seventeenth-century oil paintings that illustrate episodes from the early life of Oaxaca, among them: the first mass held in Oaxaca, the baptism of Cosijoeza, The Cross of Huatulco, and the Cajonos idolaters.

The Church of San Juan de Dios

The Temple of San Juan de Dios was the first in Oaxaca, where the first mass was said, at the foot of a huaje tree, because it was precisely there that the Atoyac River passed, which was later diverted to the slopes of Monte Albán.

How to get:
It is located on the corner of 20 de Noviembre and Aldama streets.

20 de Noviembre y Aldama Centro 68000 Oaxaca, Oax. Tel.(951)516 2513

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