Surroundings of Huatulco
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Puerto Angel

Puerto Angel used to be called “Bahia del Angel” ( Angel Bay ). In 1868 it was declare an open port and it was named Puerto Angel. Long ago Puerto Angel was considered an important place commercially for coffee and wood. Due to its difficult access, its development was put on hold for a long time. Its beautiful soft sand beaches are impressive, which is why it has attracted large groups of visitors. Now it is an important tourist center. Marine life is abundant and the weather is excellent.

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The Central Aquarium of the Mexican Turtle Center is located in Mazunte , Oaxaca . It is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Besides the ocean turtle and fish aquarium, there is a fresh water land turtle exhibit.. These days, Mazunte is an important example of sustainable community development. The community declared Mazunte an economic ecological reserve, transforming Mazunte from a place of turtle destruction into a place that adopted a new attitude of preservation of the land and animal wildlife. Furthermore in Mazunte there is an ecological factory that manufactures natural cosmetics. It was built by the people of the community It produces products such as creams, oils, shampoos, hair conditioner, deodorants, body gel, lipstick and handicrafts.


Zipolite Beach

This is an open sea beach, 2 kilometers in length and averages 40 meters in width.

Zipolite has golden sand with a moderated slope. The water has shades of clear green and blue color. The water is generally on the warm side, and the waves are big. The visitor should be aware of a strong undertow. It is a nudist beach which is mainly frequented by tourists. It is a good place to enjoy water sports, get away from the city noise, and to kick back in a hammock. There are restaurants, huts, hammocks, and a few hotels.





Ventanilla Beach

On the Oaxacan Coast there is a small window in the rocks that has been built through the centuries. This creation of the nature inspired the place to be named “ La Ventanilla ” (the little window). This village is populated by 25 families, all of them working together to preserve the biodiversity and the mangrove lagoon. You will be able to tour the mangrove lagoon by boat. The mangrove is full of wildlife. You will see iguanas, crocodiles and many species of birds in their natural environment. You can also take a horseback ride on the beach. Along the beach you will find thatched huts and restaurants with delicious regional and international dishes prepared with natural ingredients, many of dishes offered are organic. The restaurants maintain high sanitary standards.