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The splendor of the Pacific ocean intertwines with the 36 beautiful beaches in nine bays of crystalline waters and caressing waves, where nature and man live together in harmony.



Santa Cruz bay

One of the most attractive bays in the tourist ecosystem is the Bay of Santa Cruz with a length of 525 meters , soft slope, white sand, and warm water. It has many tourist attractions: jet skiing, wind surfing, and snorkeling. All of the necessary equipment can be rented. There are daily boat tours to the various bays. On the beach you will find: beach tents, and specialized restaurants with fresh seafood. The dock has a capacity of three cruisers at the time which makes Santa Cruz an important cruise ship port, and developing tourist place.


Tangolunda Bay

Tangolunda is the area of luxury hotels (5 stars). It covers nearly 250 acres . There are also upscale malls and a professional 18-hole golf course. The golf course covers an area of 78 acres . There are also some residential areas.


Chahue Bay

Here you will find a lot of upscale tourist services, such as 4 star hotels, and restaurants serving Oaxacan, Mexican and international food. Its beautiful beaches offer an amazing tropical collage of vegetation and interesting rock formations. In this bay there have been several important rock concerts in order to support the preservation of the environment.


Cacaluta Bay

This bay has a great natural ecological and recreational value. To get there it is recommended that you take a small boat from Santa Cruz Beach .


Chachacual Bay

This bay is an ecological reserve within the national park. It has jungle vegetation, mangroves, and a mangrove lagoon.


Conejos bays

This is the first bay on the west side on the tourist network. It is possible to get there in boats that depart from Santa Cruz or via the paved road to Salina Cruz. The four beaches of the bay are perfect for swimming, diving and fishing.


Organo and Maguey Bays

These are two bays that are side by side. Both beaches, Organo and Maguey, have fine white sand. We recommend this beach for people looking for water sports and tranquility.


Riscalillo Bay

It has a fine white sand beach with a moderated slope. The water is shallow with shades of green and blue colors, with mild waves.


San Agustin Bay

This is the last of the nine bays in the tourist network. It is located on the far west side. It is accessible through the dirt road at the intersection to Santa Maria Huatulco, or by boat from Santa Cruz Beach . There are a lot of coral reefs that make this place excellent for diving.