Oaxaca has very strong traditions and celebrates many festivals, both religious and the prehispanic. Throughout the year there are festivals. The calendar for festivals is surprisingly extensive because of the diverse ethnic groups in the state in synchronization with Occidental Culture. Oaxaca reflects its joy in music and dance.

The supreme festival takes place in July with "La Guelaguetza", a great festivity of light, human warmth and a sense of community. Oaxaca is also internationally known for its celebration of The Day of the Dead on November 1 and 2. In the town of Xoxocotlán , on October 31st, there is a traditional all night vigil in the cemetery. December is full of festivals and religious celebrations. In early December the Virgin of Juquila is celebrated, one of the main Catholic symbols of faith for Oaxacan people.

Also, there are fiestas dedicated to The Virgin of Guadalupe and the Virgin of Soledad. On the night of December 23 rd is the traditional Night of the Radishes, where contestants carve figures and intricate scenarios out of radishes. It must be seen to be appreciated. The artisans also construct intricate figures made of the “immortal” flower and dried corn husks (totomoxtle).

Finally, on December 24 th , there are parades (calendas). People from the various Catholic churches build floats that participate in the parade. The festive celebration includes fireworks, musical bands, torches and religious characters such as the baby Jesus with Joseph and Mary, angels and shepherds.

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