The Zócalo

Juan Peláez de Berrio laid out the Plaza de la Constitución, better known as the Zócalo in 1529. Later, Alonso García Bravo used it as a reference point while laying out the main urban grid of the Villa of Antequera (now Oaxaca City). During colonial times the Zócalo was neither paved nor had benches; a marble fountain was erected in 1739.

In 1857 this fountain was removed to make way for the first kiosk, which was replaced in 1901 with the current modernist or art nouveau kiosk.

The Zócalo is decorated for street fiestas held for the city's teeming populace, especially for 23 December (the night of the Radish Festival), 24 December (Christmas Eve), and 15 September (the Grito de Dolores). At night you can enjoy musical events that are offered on one night by the local band ensemble (brass, drums, etc.) and on the next night by the State Marimba Band.

The Zócalo

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