The Church of San Felipe Neri

The construction of the Church of San Felipe Neri began in 1733 and was finished in 1770 (with the exception of the bell towers that date from the nineteenth century).

It was consecrated in 1773 and dedicated to the Virgen del Patrocino and San Felipe Neri. Its baroque main facade consists of a portada and twin bell towers. The most important items found in the interior are five ostentatious, estípite, gilded retables carved in wood. The main retable, which covers the wall of the apse, has four bodies divided vertically into three sections and has a remate.

There is a public fountain, built into the corner of the atrium, which faces an important intersection.

The Church of San Felipe Neri

Tinoco y Palacios No. 110, Centro 68000 Oaxaca, Oax. Tel.(951)5144225

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