Art Center of San Agustin

Art Center of San Agustin opened its doors to the public on March 21, 2006. Founded by Francisco Toledo, the Center for the Arts was designed by architect Claudina López Morales and financed by CONACULTA through the National Center for the Arts (Cenart) , the State Government, as well as private foundations such as the Harp Helú Foundation and Amigos del IAGO.

Art Center of San Agustin is made up of spaces provided for professional creation and artistic initiation, it has spaces equipped for the production of digital graphics, traditional graphics, as well as textile dyeing and design workshops; likewise, an ecological photographic development and printing center has been provided.

Art Center of San Agustin

The San Agustín Cultural Center is located next to the town's church. The historic buildings that today house this cultural center were formerly the facilities of the textile factories of San José and La Soledad Vista Hermosa, both built during the Porfiriato. These factories closed when cotton yarn and textile producers were affected by market changes, with new synthetic products derived from petroleum and the continuous change of owners and administrations.



Just over 100 meters from CaSa are the facilities of a handmade paper workshop, in what was formerly the La Soledad electricity plant. It was launched from the proposal of Finnish artists; the planning was warmly received by Oaxacan artists, who donated works for investment in machinery. The Finns trained staff and continue to provide refresher courses.

Paper production is done in a traditional way using cotton, fibers and natural materials. The magic of this place begins as soon as you enter and come across rustic sinks, tubs, racks, buckets, pots, felts, presses and clotheslines.

The objective of the workshop is to specialize in the production of four or five types of paper that can be used for artists. Notepads, envelopes, invitation paper, sketchbooks, artist boxes and stationery in general are also made.

The importance of learning these techniques is that it has served the community to start and create its own source of income.

There is also a store where young artists' products are sold, among which the kites with Toledo designs stand out. So when you go to San Agustín Etla, don't forget to enjoy the art, the landscape and bring you a nice memory.

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