Plaza de la Danza

The Church of Soledad's old plaza was transformed into a public garden in 1881 and was named Jardín Socrates. The garden was remodeled in 1981: flagstones were laid, installations for stalls were placed, and public bathrooms were installed.

The plaza is located at the foot of Fortín Hill (previously called De La Soledad or Del Calvario). It forms part of the Church of Soledad and the Church of San José and their convents complex. The staggered squares form three different settings: the atrium of Soledad, the Jardín Socrates, and the Plaza de la Danza. In 1959 Eduardo Vasconcelos built the uppermost terrace, the Plaza de la Danza, for the artistic edification and public use of the town.

This is where the Bani Stui Gulal (repetition of antiquity) takes place, which is a representation of the history of the Guelaguetza during all of its different periods. The square is paved with cantera and takes advantage of the natural slope of the land for the stairways that connect it with the lower terraces.

Plaza de la Danza

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