Lambityeco Oaxaca

Here there is a recently excavated archaeological site that was inhabited during Monte Albán IV (A.D. 600-750) whose name means mounds for stills. (Salt was distilled from a naturally occurring salty dirt found here).

There are buildings constructed partly in stone and partly in adobe, with the exception of a flat-topped pyramid (probably the site of a Zapotec market) that is covered with carved stone. The upper part displays an array of intricate geometric figures.

Lambityeco Oaxaca

Due to the temporality of its occupation, it is contemporary to Monte Albán, and it was inserted in the latter's trading system as a site specialized in the production of salt, which was obtained by the evaporation of the water collected from the Salado River in large containers.

How to get:
Access to the site is on the banks of the Pan-American Highway (No. 190), in the section that connects the city of Oaxaca with the town of Mitla, approximately 31 kilometers southeast of the Oaxacan capital and 2.5 kilometers before reaching Tlacolula. By means of public transport, the visitor can reach the site by taking a truck that goes to Mitla.

Open: Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 17:00.
Admission: $__ pesos
Contact: Centro INAH Oaxaca (951) 5 13 33 46 y 5 13 33 52

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