The Church and Ex Convent of Guadalupe

In 1644 Bishop Bartolomé Ledesma founded a hermitage here with an annex that served as a hospital.

Bishop Bartolomé de la Cerda had a church built that was dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, which was consecrated in 1650. One year later, it was reconstructed and re-inaugurated by Bishop Monterroso. The church and its annexes were occupied by the Belemnite Order toward the last third of the sixteenth century.

The former convent housed a seminary in its interiors, equipped at that time with modern physics and chemistry devices. Two important events at that time should be highlighted: Having had the first X-ray machine. Having made the first radiotelegraphic call in Latin America. The seminary functioned as such until 1916. The place was also used as a military hospital, at the same time by the Los Niños del Ejército school, and in 1927 the Ministry of War and Navy rented it as a barracks. From 1931 to 1939 the property nationalization trial proceeded.

The main facade of the complex is fronted by a wide square and, in general, the buildings are plain with engraved cantera doorways. Inside the church an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe and an eighteenth-century oil painting of the Virgin crowned by the Holy Trinity stand out. In the Belén Chapel look for the main neo-Gothic retable adorned with oil paintings.

The Church and Ex Convent of Guadalupe

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The temple and former convent of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located north of the capital city, next to Paseo Juárez (the plain), on Lic. Verdad Street, between the streets of Avenida Juárez and Pino Suárez.

9ª. de Pino Suárez, Esq. Lic. Verdad Centro 68000 Oaxaca, Oax. Tel.(951)51 538 12

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